Lupine, Wild - (Lupinus perennis)

Common Name: Lupine, Wild
Scientific Name: Lupinus perennis
Family: Pea (Leguminosae)
Other Common Names: Sundial Lupine
Flower Color: Blue, white, pink
Habitat: Fields and dry open woods
General Bloom Dates: April - July

General Characteristics:
The usually bluish, sometimes pink or white flowers are about 2/3" long, irregular (typical pea flower) and grow on a 4" - 10"raceme. The leaves are palmately compound, with 7 - 11, 1" - 2" long, lanceolate leaflets. The plant ranges from 8" - 2' in height.

Plant Lore:
The plant was once thought to deplete the quality of the soil, or "wolf" the minerals from the soil, hence the name is derived from the Latin "lupus". Actually all the plants in the pea family do just the opposite, by fixing atmospheric nitrogen into a useable form.

Modern Uses of this Plant:
CAUTION! In the past people have wrongly recommended the pea-like pods as a substitute for peas, but they contain a poisonous alkaloid and should not be eaten.